Do I understand what you are going through?

Can we get you through it?

Let's talk.

People tell me that I am easy to talk to. But I don’t just listen. Together we will find how the ways you are thinking or interacting are causing you problems, and I will suggest solutions. You and I will work together to figure out which solutions may fit for you, and how to make them work in your life.

I like working with adolescents, and I find they open up to me quickly. The teenage years are an especially difficult time. For those of you who are parents your son or daughter may be going through a hard time, but may not feel comfortable telling you what’s going on. His or her stress may come out in arguments with you. Your teenager needs to feel heard, but it is not easy to listen closely when he or she is arguing with you. I will give you the tools you need to diffuse those arguments. And I will work with your teenager to develop the tools he or she needs to make it through a very difficult time in life.

I also appreciate working with adults and couples. When working with couples, I help them identify relationship patterns that are contributing to their difficulties and coach them on more effective ways of interacting.